PedalHub was founded as a peer-to-peer bike-sharing system, which later on evolved into a community-operated premium electric bike-sharing platform in 2020. The project was selected by Innovate UK for getting their business and innovation support, funded by EEN (Enterprise Europe Network).

Feasibility and market validation

A small group of people were involved to test the adaptability of our system while the business model was validated with mobility experts. University of East London (ARENA) support us to understand the sustainability impact with their academic experts.


Our software will be available to download from November 2021. Subscriptions can be purchased at a discounted rate. PedalHub will be launched in integration with Intel-owned MaaS platform - Moovit, giving 9M of their UK customers access our e-bikes!

E-bikes available in Edinburgh, Glasgow & London

We are scheduled to start operations from 1st March 2022 and our bicycles can be taken for unlimited hires.

Expansion to other UK cities

With a rapid scaling plan, we are all set to expand in other UK cities after the first year into operations. Call us and we will be there at your service.

"Our service is created with love, for you and your environment!!"

A typical response to the climate crisis is to ‘do something, such as planting more trees or switching to electric vehicles. While these are important and effective, they are neither sufficient nor fast enough to meet our ambitious climate targets.

The extreme-climate events that are happening around the world won't stop unless we shake up our daily habits like using (fossil) fuel cars. In the UK, 50% of trips that are taken by cars are less than 5 Kilometers, which can potentially be replaced by bicycles! With this in mind, we have designed PedalHub as an enterprise that would facilitate cities to bring about a modal shift.

"When our project gets going from March 2022, we would save at least 656.76 Metric tonnes (*CCC) of Co2 emissions in the next 5 years!"

- Dr.Arun Kanniah (Director, PedalHub).

We do not have a substitute planet and we must pay attention to it. It is time we enter a new generation of clean and  sustainable  transport that is environmentally friendly. Through our electric bicycles, we have evidenced that they can be truly ideal and a luxury  that  you will not get in a traditional bike. With a combination of technology and  revolutionary  business model, we have made it possible for you to bring your personal carbon emissions to net-zero!

- Ayman Al Atrash (Business Manager, PedalHub).

Unlimited access

Your everyday commute, sorted! No sweat!!

Widely distributed network of electric bikes

Ride your way around the city, whenever you want!

Affordable price

Cheaper than your daily car parking charges.

Premium bikes that are well maintained and managed

First-class customer experience.