PedalHub: Urban and Rural Communities
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PedalHub: Urban and Rural Communities

PedalHub is a community bike share programme which aims to create a shift in people’s attitude towards cycling, and transform the UK into a cycling nation, whilst also aiming to achieve a net reduction of greenhouse gases emission in the transport sector.

An interesting survey by CyclingUK concluded that 1 in 3 people who participated would choose electric cycling if it is available in a shared system.

The environmental and health benefits of cycling are enormous and there is a huge wave of awareness among people in recent times. Now, even the NHS will be prescribing cycling to people as it has recognised the overall health benefits of regular cycling. Many people are approaching cycle stores across the UK and returning only with disappointment to see that they do not have much stock left to buy due to the unprecedented demand for bikes. Though the government is already making efforts to expand bike lanes with a few billion pounds investment, there is a global shortage with some resellers asking customers to wait up to 1 year. A solution to bridge this gap is necessary!

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