Our unlimited subscription plan starts at £49 per month (or £19 per month when you refer 3 friends). If you choose not to buy our unlimited subscription, you may just pay a PAYG rate at £0.15p per minute and ride as much or less as you would like to! Suitable for those who would like to try the system or visitors who need short term hiring.

When you refer a friend to PedalHub, we reduce your monthly subscription charges to up to £10 per month per referral. If you refer 3 friends, you get a discount of £30 per month and you pay an effective £19 per month. This will allow you to ride our bicycles for unlimited 30 minutes each time.

You can access our e-bikes at any of the hubs listed on the app. After the 30-minute duration, you will be allowed to still continue the ride with a nominal rate of £0.05p per minute. To avoid these additional charges, you may choose to stop your ride at any of our hubs within 30 minutes and then hire the next available bike instantly to continue your ride for free. Back-to-back hiring is allowed!

As a host (councils, Individual, business, a community group or a group of friends), you will have 4 electric bikes at your premises where the public can access or park the bike. A space of 1.8*2.3 meters is required to place the e-bikes. The maintenance of bikes and redistribution of them from the main areas to your hub will be done by a team of PedalHub assistants. You will have to support us to charge the batteries.

Because we are a Social Enterprise for the benefit of the society, we are happy to share the profits with you for supporting us run PedalHub! By doing so, we believe, you will be involved in our efforts to bring about a net reduction in carbon emissions. You get to use our platform absolutely free of charge during the lifetime of the hosting period (When you host at least 4 bikes!).

Payout per month per hub:

Year 1: £300/month

Year 2: £330/month

Year 3: £345/month 

Once you express interest, we will schedule a visit and assess the feasibility at your premises. If we determine that your location is not appropriate, we will let you know right away.

If your location is suitable for us to leave the bikes, we will send our delivery team to place the bikes. The e-bikes will require replacing the batteries when they are docked, say twice a day!

You will be paid out the above rates before the 7th of every month. Also, you get a lifetime free subscription to PedalHub since you host our bikes. You save money on commute in addition to earning by hosting. After the first 6 months, you may terminate the 3-year contract by providing a 60-day's notice with no questions asked!

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