Host our Hub

An outdoor space of 1.8*2.3 meters is required (4 e-bikes+docks) and this area must be easily accessible to the public. Since we are a fleet of electric bikes, our docks will require a power connection. You may be a council or business or an individual or even a group of friends who has legal rights to allow us to place the bicycles. Tenants are allowed to sign up after obtaining written (or e-mail) permission from their landlords.

'One of our hosts has calculated that she can save at least £10,000 because she now has free access to our cycles for everyday commute, moreover, she'll earn up to £17,964 on a 3-year contract with us, supporting us reduce climate change! A grand total of at least earned   £27,964 through PedalHub while keeping herself active and healthy.

Insurance & maintenance

All our hubs (bicycles + docks) are insured for all types of risks and you don't have to worry about anything related to their maintenance as well.

Refer to the FAQ's or reach out to our team if you have any questions. Use this form to Express your Interest and our team will get in touch with you.

      'Some hosts have given up their car parking space for us to leave our e-bikes, and they, in turn, get free access to our bikes and £399 a month (for a 4 dock hub; 2 dock hub option available). You may also host more than 4 bikes, subject to an assessment of demand in your area. Landlords who let their house for students or tenants with no cars, earn extra cash by letting us use their open car spaces while the tenant gets free commute'.

      We are currently looking out for hosts in London, Glasgow and Edinburgh